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Volunteer Descriptions

Greeter Team:

Greeters, Stand in Line Hospitality, Escort groups, Stand at Exits. [standing/walking]

2 volunteer spots for each day

  • 1 Indoor Spots: Greeters, Hospitality, Stand at Exit.
  • 1 Outdoor Spots: Greet outside, parking lot assistance as needed, shovel sidewalks during inclement weather.

Personal Shopper:

Love meeting new people, can carry gifts/coats/babies. [standing/carrying/walking/multi-task]

7 volunteer spots each day

  • Walk with shopper, get to know them/needs, help with gifts from shopping to wrapping to exit.

Cashier & Battery Team:

Take money, make change, batteries needed [standing/sitting/lots of counting!]

5 volunteer spots each day

  • Cashier-Takes money, makes change
  • Helper-gathers gift cards & batteries for toys needed

Gift Wrapper Team:

Love to wrap gifts! [standing/sitting/papercuts]

5 volunteer spots

  • Wrap gifts for shoppers or assist them as needed
  • Bring your own scissors

Prayer Team:

Pray with families who shop at the Store! [standing/sitting/encouragement/prayer]
4 volunteer spots for each day


Please contact Lisa Opheim at lisafopheim@gmail.com

Important Information

Christmas Store Volunteers must be 18 years or older to serve.

What to know about volunteering:

There are 4 different dates to serve, you may serve more than one day.

There will be no childcare during the Christmas Store. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We have paused the Kids Zone, Breakfast, and Bike Raffle for this year.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Lisa Opheim

Our mission is to empower families while building community through the power of exchange.

Volunteer Descriptions

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Ready to join a team? Get started by signing up here! 

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